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Are Humans and Chimpanzees Basically the Same?

You’re in a conversation and someone makes the claim that, “Humans are basically evolved chimpanzees. After all, we share 98 to 99 percent of our DNA.”     What Would You Say?    Molecular biologist Jonathan Wells calls some ideas “Zombie Science.” No matter how many times these ideas are debunked, they just won’t die. Instead,

Another Weak Link in Evolutionary Theory

  The chemical similarity of living things, long considered reliable evidence for Darwinian evolution, is now in question.      Essentially, living things don’t look like they evolved from a common ancestor using the same basic components on a molecular level. Instead, many different enzymes are used to accomplish similar purposes. This is precisely the opposite

The Science is Settled

You’re in a conversation about global warming, vaccines, dinosaurs, or gender identity and someone says, “There’s no point in discussing this more. The science is settled.” What would you say? Science is awesome. Our study of the natural world has allowed us to find cures for diseases, fly to the moon, communicate with anyone from

Do You Have to Choose Between Science and Religion?

You’re talking about faith with someone and they tell you they don’t believe in God because they believe in science. They say that you have to choose? What would you say? There are those who believe that science and religion are in conflict and that someone must choose whether they want to believe in science

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