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Church and Politics

Does the Bible Endorse Slavery?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “The Bible endorses slavery. If it’s wrong about slavery, it’s probably wrong about other things too.” What would you say? It’s true that the Bible, in both the Old and New Testament, talks about slavery. But does this mean that the slave trade that is such a shameful

Opposing Same-Sex Marriage Is Just Like Opposing Interracial Marriage

You’re in a conversation about marriage and someone says, “Opposing same-sex marriage is just like opposing interracial marriage. Christians used to oppose that as well.” What Would you Say? The church’s history on interracial marriage is imperfect. Some who claim to be Christians have done things that are simply evil. Others opposed those evils, helped

The Separation of Church and State Protects Us From Religious Ideas

You’re in a conversation about church and politics and someone says “The Separation of Church and State means churches shouldn’t talk about political issues.” What would you say? We all agree that there shouldn’t be a government religion. Those have been common throughout history and America stands for the idea that government shouldn’t force you

Morality Should Be Legislated

You’re in a conversation about what should be legal and what should be illegal, and someone says, “you shouldn’t legislate morality.” What would you say? People who say that morality shouldn’t be legislated have a problem with the idea of using laws to make everyone else behave like they think they should. But the next

Should the Church Get Involved with Political Issues?

You’re in a conversation and about religion and politics and someone says, “Churches shouldn’t get involved in political issues.” What would you say? Politics can be dirty, but the church should be holy. So a lot of people believe that churches should avoid “political issues”. Sometimes, the intention is to help the church avoid compromising

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