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Woke Culture

Once a Woman, Always a Woman?

  As a Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked to define “woman.” She responded, “I’m not a biologist.”   That was just a week after a biological male won the NCAA women’s swimming championship.   Ironically, many who remained silent on what a woman is during the NCAA championship have not been silent

Most People DON’T Agree with Trans Ideology

  A new poll, commissioned by Summit Ministries with national survey firm McLaughlin & Associates, suggests that there is a gap between what people believe and what they’re willing to say.     Some 64% of those polled believe that “transgenderism is not a healthy human condition.” However, while 30% indicated they are willing to

Should We Cancel the Classics?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “The Classics were written by privileged, bigoted white men, and we should remove them from our curriculums.”   What would you say?   We are all prone to be so absorbed in our contemporary problems that we lose sight of what is eternally and universally true, good, and

Definitions Matter: Rights

  You’re in a conversation and someone start talking about rights: “human rights,” “women’s rights,” “gay rights,” “trans rights,” or maybe they refer to things like healthcare, income, or a job as “rights.”   What would you say?   Definitions matter. In conversations, we often find ourselves using the same vocabulary as others, but not

Identifying Misinformation

  You’re scrolling through social media and someone shares a post that doesn’t sound quite right. Is it true, or is it another case of misinformation on the Internet?   What would you say?   Misinformation has always been around, but it’s even more of a challenge now that so much of our lives are

Definitions Matter: Tolerance

  You’re in a conversation and someone calls you “intolerant,” not because you are being cruel or harsh but only because you disagree. It’s clear that their understanding of “tolerance” and your understanding of “tolerance” are very different things.   What would you say?   Definitions matter. In conversations with others, we often find ourselves

What’s the Point of Going to Church?

  You’re in a conversation and someone says, “I’m a Christian but I don’t go to church because I don’t get anything from it.”   What would you say?   Many Christians practice a do-it-yourself faith. While a majority of the population still claims to be Christian, church attendance is at a historic low. Clearly,

Definitions Matter: Truth

  You’re in a conversation with someone about “truth,” but you get the sense that what they mean by “truth” and what you mean by “truth” are not the same thing.   What would you say?   Definitions matter. In conversations with others, we’ll often find that we are using the same vocabulary, but not

Do Children’s Rights Override Parental Rights?

  You’re in a conversation and someone says, “We have to respect the rights of children. No one, not even their parents, should be allowed to interfere with their sexual autonomy. We have to let them decide who they really are.”   What would you say?     Children’s rights are absolutely crucial, but does

Modern Family: Are the Kids Really Fine?

  You’re in a conversation and someone says, “Don’t worry, the kids will be fine.”   What would you say?   The drastic changes in marriage and family over the last 50 years have all repeatedly claimed, over and over with each new issue, “oh the kids, they will be fine!” Enough time has now

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